The Bed and Breakfast al Sol Levante lies in Fossalon, a small village close to Grado, 500 meters away from the sea and a few hundred meters from the Isonzo river mouth. The address is via Verteneglio n. 7. It lies on the edge of the Nature Park Oasi del Caneo. Isola della Cona lies to the east, on the other side of the river, while Val Cavanata is located 4 km to the west. Both places belong to the the Isonzo River's Natural Reserve.

The place hosts many resident and migratory birds (mute swans, flamingos, greater white-fronted geese, curlews, herons etc.); that is why bird-watching is very practiced here. But land animals are also common in the territory (roe deer, foxes, hares, boars, badgers, coypus and so on).        

Fossalon is a farming area with small groups of two or four houses surrounded by fields of  arable crops, fruits and vegetables. Sparrow-grass (asparagus) is renowned and is celebrated in a village festival during the weekends between April and May. 

The B&B al Sol Levante takes its name (“at the rising sun”) from its location at the eastern end of the village, in a group of houses, at the end of a dead-end street. 

It is absolutely quiet, there is no traffic at all. 

The bikeway from Fossalon to Grado and to the archaeological site of Aquileia runs over the embankment between the road and the sea, 500 metres from the B&B; Grado and Aquileia are also connected to the bikeways of Via Postumia" and "Alpe-Adria".

The long straight and little trafficked roads of Fossalon make cycle rides easy and safe, even out of the bikeways.

4 km away from the B&B, lies the Lido delle Conchiglie, a windy beach (without facilities), loved by windsurfers and kite-surfers

On the other side of the gulf lies the city of Trieste, reachable through 25 km of motorway and 25 km of regional-municipal roads.

The B&B al Sol Levante is a two-storey house with a large garden with fruit trees (cherry, peach, pear, plum, pomegranate, apricot and persimmon trees, and olives) and vegetables. The lower floor is almost completely reserved for guests. It has two flats with an independent entry each. Guests enjoy accommodation and breakfast. 


Nereo Zeper

tel. +39 0431 88169

Mobile +39 349 2825603