Double bedroom with 2 added beds (apartment 1 - APP 1)

  • The big apartment, with heating and air conditioning, has its entrance under a patio that also provides the possibility to eat outside. The entrance leads, through a hallway, to:
  • large kitchen to prepare and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • living room with desk and two single beds (mattress size 80x190 each) reserved for children or guests of the same group of the double bedroom guests. Hallway and living room are linked by an arch without a door; it can be covered by a curtain
  • double bedroom (mattress size 160x190)
  • large bathroom (toilet and shower)
  • storeroom with washing machine only for apartment guests
  • inner stairs to the upper floor (closed with door) 
  • pantry, also used by the owners passing through the inner stairs






Single bedroom (apartment 2 - APP 2)

  • The small apartment, with heating and no air conditioning, has a hallway leading to: 
  • a bedroom with large single bed (mattress size 120x190) for 1 person or in case 2 children or intimates)
  • bathroom (with toilet and shower)
  • kitchen to prepare and eat only the breakfast
  • storeroom with washing machine used both by guests and owners
  • boiler room (only accessible to the owners)
  • through the kitchen, guests can reach a library with desk and (Apple) computer, also accessible to the owners and to the other guests through the patio door